Trend Alert 2015: Ecaille

Making headlines from InStyle to Fox News Magazine, ecaille – the French word for tortoiseshell – has already claimed its spot as the top hair color trend of 2015. A more sophisticated cousin of ombre, last year’s bi-tonal sensation, ecaille pairs sunny tones with richer caramel hues – often with slightly darker roots.  A more subtle approach to multi-tonal, ecaille features shiny golden highlights against honeyed strands to infuse tresses with a natural-hued warmth, reminiscent of a tortoiseshell comb. Simply, the ecaille trend is a way to incorporate highlights without going too bright or streaky. Think an autumnal take on sun-kissed.

The trick is balayage – another French word meaning to sweep or to paint. This technique is to apply highlights only to the surface of the hair shaft, saturating only the tips. As opposed to traditional highlights, balayage is applied freehand and without foil. The result is softer and less uniform color that looks more natural and less stark as it grows out.

The best part: this look works with your natural tone, so is relatively low maintenance. Blonde? Darken your base color a few notches, and add caramel lowlights. Brunette? Add golden highlights, a few tones lighter than your natural shade. Tip: add few bolder pieces in the front to frame your face.

(via Brit + Co)

(via Misguided)


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