Blizzard-Inspired Cocktails

Ok, so maybe the snow in NYC didn’t quite live up to the hype. But, it is the first real snowday of 2015 and we think you should celebrate anyway. Here are some snow-themed cocktails to help you bring some blizzard into your martini glass. Everything’s closed anyway, right?

1. Snowball Martini

This gorgeous drink features whipped cream vodka, cotton candy and lemon juice. Sweet, strong and just a little bit tart, this cocktail is truly fit for an Ice Queen. Get the full recipe here.

(via Tasty Kitchen)

2. Blizzard Cocktail

This cozy cousin of Irish coffee is perfect for cuddling up to watch the snowfall (or Netflix) because what’s a snowday for if not drinking in your pajamas? This adult twist on hot chocolate includes hazelnut liquor and Grand Marnier Whipped Cream to warm your heart and soul. Get the recipe.

(via Martha Stewart)

3. The Coco Snowball

A tropical twist on the Snowball Martini, this cocktail features vanilla and coconut flavors with coconut flake “snowflakes.” Crank up the heat, grab a pair of sunglasses and get the recipe here.

(via The Breakers)

4. Winter Wonderland Martini

The combination of white chocolate liqueur and vanilla vodka makes this creamy cocktail as indulgent as dessert! Channel your inner snowbunny with this cute concoction and get the recipe here.

(via Single Minded Women)

So grab your mixer, a girlfriend and two Row A stylists for a boozy, beautiful snowday.


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