Valentine’s Day 2015 Nail Art

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve all got one thing on our mind: our cuticles. It’s much easier not to care about being packed into your third favorite restaurant, ordering from an over-priced pre fixe menu while pretending not to notice the woman crying next to you when your nails look so cute! Check out our favorite looks for this Valentine’s Day 2015:

1. Polka Dots & Hearts

Cute, flirty, classic.

(via Popsugar)


Bonus points for studs.

(via Seventeen)

3. Valentine’s Day Blues

Just like the hearts you used to draw on your notebook!

(via Designs Mag)

4. The Mauve Minimalist

For the understated romantic.

(via Designs Mag)

5. L-O-V-E

Love is a game, right?

(via One Nail to Rule Them All)

6. Sweetheart Nails

Soft, sweet and cute!

(via Californails)


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